Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay focused on the main thing I’m suppose to be doing, because there are outside distractions deterring me. I really want to do so much. Some people can make you feel small and feel like nothing is possible, but all things are possible through God and anyone that knows me knows that the only way I could have made it through a lot of the things I’ve been through, is God!

When people say they don’t understand how a sinner or someone that isn’t perfect can still talk about God hasn’t relied upon him to bring them through a storm. I have to stay focused on Him so I can get better, be better and live better. I also have to have strong faith in Him because of some of the people in my life that need prayer. God sometimes assigns you to certain people to pray for them so hopefully they’ll see the right ways of doing things.

Wearing: Dress from little shop in mall. So in love with this dress. $(46), Steve Madden Heels ($52)

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