personalThis year I’ve learned that if someone is directing negative energy at you, not take it personal. Even if it is personal don’t take it personal because it’s not your issue. They are so many women that can’t hold their game face together when it’s time to face the world so they take it out on whomever they see. I use to just give them whatever they give me, but I know that God is love and I always have to show love. If I give them an attitude just because they have one I’m changing my energy channel into a negative one. I’ve also started to notice when you’re kind regardless of the way others act, they come around and apologize. If this person is your friend pull them to the side and speak to them, and if it’s not don’t waste space in your brain trying to figure this person out!!!

We all have problems, but its not right to carry them with you wherever you go. I could be going through the worst thing ever, but I’m going to comb my hair get dressed and step out of the house with a smile. If it’s that bad I’ll stay in bed, pray and sleep until I can get it together. ┬áNever should we carry negative energy and put it upon someone else just because we’re having a bad day. Lesson learned.

personalpersonalWe are having perfect weather in California!

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