april 18 2014 4Adding a small mirror or picture above your nightstand in line with your lamp, brings dimension. I always keep a pen and paper close by to write my thoughts. Flowers make me smile, so I make sure to always have them near,  a flash light (if an emergency occurs), a nail file, and a cute little bowl to store my jewelry are must-haves for me at my bed side.april 18 2014 2Bath salts stored in a glass jar adds a spa feel to your bathroom.

april 18 2014Add a colorful fun picture to an otherwise plain wall. Find one that suits your personality. T.J Maxx and Marshalls are great places to find one of a kind gems.

april 18 2014 6If you have limited space and don’t have room for a huge night stand, this wall sconce is simple yet elegant enough to make you feel like you woke up in a hotel. $83 at Home Depot. Stripes behind your head-board wall, also can change a plain room into a glamorous space.

april 18 2014 5I always buy little things with phrases around my house so I can remind myself to be thankful, and most importantly to just relax! Hope you guys find these tips helpful. These are just a few suggestions to add style to your home. If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to share.

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