june 2 2014Courage means doing something despite the fear…

A couple of months back I was having lunch with my play sister to discuss our passions about the things we want to accomplish. She then told me that I need to pray for courage. I thought to myself…ok I guess I’ll pray for that and did it, but it never again crossed my mind until recently. I’ve come to realize that you’ll need courage for a lot of things in life. We are so fearful of the out come on how things may turn out, but in all actuality, we must do things from our heart, without fear. When your intentions are good, in the long run you’ll be good, so what’s the point of being fearful. It’s also runs hand in hand with having faith. I built up the courage to do something that I didn’t want to do not too long ago, and it felt amazing. I now know that I can’t let fear hold me back and stifle me. If you don’t have the courage to do certain things in your life then you won’t when it’s time to: let go, mature, learn and most importantly grow.

Have a blessed day.june 2 2014 2june 2 2014 3june 2 2014 7Wearing: Kimono (alternative here) Target Tank, Paige Denim (alternative here), Gucci Bag, Ivanka Trump Sandals.

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