black women fashionLately my mind can’t stop thinking of why bad things happen to good people. Like my client who is 33, fighting breast cancer and is one of the sweetest people I know.  My little brother that’s going through it with his health, but is one of the  greatest kids ever. He just wants to go to school and live his life at the age of 20.

I’ve had a lot of complicated and tragic things happen in my life. I know as a young girl growing up I’ve made bad choices which has led me to having to suffer the consequences of the not so wise choices I’ve made. I think it’s more  understandable and easier to cope with certain things when you know that you’ve suffered because of your past catching up with you. But an innocent child or someone who has lived life by the book and has made all the right choices, when I see a person like that suffer, I can’t help but to reflect, pray and just try to continue to strive to live my life the right way.

It kinda gives me anxiety when I think about it because you never know what life can deal you. To get though this bad/sad thinking, I redirect my thoughts, focus on God knowing he’s in control and just trusting Him.  I’m not questioning God just reflecting on life.

Always over thinking when I see people hurting. Thought I’d share. black women fashionblack women fashionblack women fashionblack women fashionblack women fashion

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