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 Success? What is it to you?

 For the past two years I have studied myself and what I feel success is. I was feeling a longing for more, when I set a goal and I achieved it I wanted more and more and more. It got to a point where I still wasn’t happy. Side note when I’m not happy I wear it well. I started studying, trying to learn how to quiet my mind and reaching for peace. I know how powerful my mind is and the power of my prayer. I’m really good to the people around me and life is pretty good. Both of my daughters are doing well in school and my family is healthy, but sometimes when I lay in bed at night my mind use to wonder. A suffering in my mind, a wanting of more, but as I studied myself and began my morning rituals I started to see that success is an inside job. Our mind is like a sponge, we have to be careful what we let in and who we let in. This is why it’s so important to protect your space and the things you watch because our subconscious mind retains so much. When I started managing my mind is when I began to feel more peaceful. Not saying that I still don’t have my moments, but I’ve realized that I can’t let anything around me really affect my mood because I’m the one with the power. We all have power we just have to discover it within ourselves.

 I’ve learned to surrender and have faith that every single thing that’s going on is for my good or the good of someone around me so I need to evaluate my mind, meditate and have understanding. I think it is easier for me because I don’t judge others. We are all one, so who am I to judge anyone. We all sin differently and when we learn to just care more and  just be nice to the ones that don’t know how to manage their mind, is when we will have more peace. I don’t regret any of my decisions, the trials or the pain because it really all benefits the next stage of my life.

Life is good when your inside is good, so when your feeling a bit down use that time to quiet your mind and work on the inside.  xoxoblack fashion blogger black fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger

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