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Hi guys. I need to share with you this amazing new item that was sent to me called Buzz box. Now this isn’t a regular pre-made drink, these drinks are made with premium liquor and are so conveniently packed in these small boxes which makes them so easy to freeze, grab and go.

So here’s my buzz box story.  As you guys know I’m great at blogging, taking pictures and being fashionable, but when it comes to meeting new people I’m just not that great at it. So I always try to find a icebreaker. Something to warm people up and make things a little more friendly. So on this day I had to meet a group of women at an event that I was volunteering for and I didn’t know what I was gonna do to break the ice. Then I remembered in my freezer I had every flavor of Buzz box. So with nothing to lose I grab my Buzz boxes  and dashed off to my event. When I got there I set them on the table, everyone examined and chose their favorite flavor. We had the perfect buzz from just one box. Everyone was so in love and I looked so cool! Thanks BUZZ BOX!

Ice breaker rule #1. BRING BUZZ BOXES! you can purchase here if you’d like to try them. black fashion blogger

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