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black fashion blogger winter styleIf you follow me on Instagram you guys know that I took a very touristy trip to New York for my birthday. My daughter always wanted to visit so I said hey why not. I didn’t want to go while it was snowing but I did want her to experience all the Christmas festivities that the big apple had to offer  so what better time than Thanksgiving.

Now to the main reason I’m so obsessed with New York {as I’m sure many of you are as well} is because of the FASHION! The women in New York City are chic, confident, simplistic yet  they make a huge statement with the way they dress.  I think it’s a vibe because I found myself opting for comfort, warmth and simplicity. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add my own touches to it so I did things like add a colorful/fur scarf to an otherwise plain coat, I added beanies to my looks so my hair wouldn’t be blowing all over the place as it kept me warm and I wore stylish tennis shoes. I layered myself with a thermal, a  button down shirt some days and a thick lined coat was a must! I did this because depending on what building you stepped into, the temperature was warm/hot so you wanted to pull off as many  layers as needed to adjust to the climate of the place you were going. Oh and believe it or not, I didn’t shop. I just wanted to eat and spend time with my family exploring new things.

This is defiantly a place that I’ll be visiting more often because there is so much to see and so many restaurants to eat at! Not to mention the super fly hotel I stayed at. We decided to stay in the meat-packing district because we wanted to be around all the hip people and eat at the fly-est restaurants which was right near the Ganservoort Hotel. I mean they had a Sephora across the street where I found all the Fenty make-up products that I have to do a video on for you guys. They also had a free people but I didn’t even want to go cause I was to busy relaxing, eating and exploring. I also V-logged it all so a video is coming soon for that as well.

Hope you guys are enjoying the new site design. I wanted it to be more functional for you guys to navigate and explore. Sorry for the delay and thanks to those of you that checked on me. Glad was missed. xoxoblack fashion blogger winter stylewinter style black fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger winter styleblack fashion blogger winter styleblack fashion blogger winter stylewinter style black fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger winter style

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7 thoughts on “The perfect little trench coat

  1. Hey Ms. Tanya,

    Love the new site. Oh, you visited my hometown. Im from Brooklyn. I hope you were able to grab a slice of pizza (did you remember to fold it), a good bagel and good cup of “couhfee” lol . There’s nothing like NY during the holidays


  2. Hi, I follow you on instagram and saw that you were in New York. I kept wondering why your “Major Must Haves” site was temporary closed but I see you were enjoying family time in the Big Apple. So glad you are up and running, I enjoy your pics, fashion and inspirational talks. I’m also glad you were able to take a break to do YOU and spend that much needed quality time with your family. That’s very important!
    Welcome back!