December 19th, 2014  Fashion

la winters

img_3692Chasing Wild Horses…

I’ve always had a thing for horses. ¬†They are big, gentle yet very strong and can withstand long journeys. My daughter had her first horse given to her by her uncle, his name was socks. A couple years ago my husband and I we went to Hawaii took a drive around the island and saw a huge white horse in the middle of this beautiful field all by itself with the sun shinning directly on it. It was unbelievable! I stared at it for about 15 minutes. It was the most beautiful horse I’d ever seen and to experience something like that with him was special. It made me think about all the beautiful things God created on earth for us to experience including me and you. I was happy that he was equally thrilled as me (you know how guys are) to see such a rare beauty. I took like 50 pictures if it, lost my camera and never seen it again. If I wasn’t with him I’d think it didn’t happen. We talk about it to this day because we don’t have proof, why because we lost our camera. It was something that I would have loved to share with my family, maybe even you guys.

Whenever I think I want to take a pic of a special moment because I want to share it, he says some things are just meant to happen between you and one other person. Makes it special and makes you present. His exact words, “get rid of ya phone, this ain’t for everybody.” I cherish that he is not caught up in the hype, on social media, and is very low-key. Even though we fight sometimes and we get on each others nerves, I know God made him just for me.

Note to self: “Try to be more present. Although pictures are nice, memories are better.” xo Tanya

img_3693img_3722img_3714img_3703img_3716img_3710img_3689Wearing: Plaid Coat (similar here, here) J.Crew (alternativev-neck sweater), Leather Pants (alternative here), Jessica Simpson Over the Knee Boots, Chanel Bag.