role model Can you imagine someone just waiting for you to mess up? Some people have it really tough! They are written off by others before they even get started. Some people’s parents, peers or even teachers expect them to fail.

When people are brought up in a certain environment, without God, no role model or good example’s of success it’s easy for them to start off on the wrong path in life. I always find it interesting and quite awesome how God sometimes puts people around you at the right time to steer you on to the correct path in life.

Others aren’t always so lucky. Imagine not having anyone that believes in you or that mom or grandmother that says that extra prayer for you in church? That’s what turns peoples lives around!

I have hope in change. I can’t save the world but I’ll try as much as I can. I answer all my emails. I don’t care if I get thirty in one day! I have to respond. Some of my readers respond saying, “Wow, I’m surprised you even answered!”.  It only takes a second to reply to someone, especially if it’s a simple question. Why not?  I love sharing information with others.

It can save you a lot of money and headache if you can count on someone for a referral that you can trust! I love to share. And I will continue to share my knowledge and love with you all.

 Word for the day: THE devil WON’T STOP ME!

role modelrole modelrole modelCabo san Lucas, Esperanza Resort SpaLast pic Hawaii. 

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13 thoughts on “I NEED A VACATION!

  1. Ohh what peace feels like…I know that place oh too well. Water falls, sunshine, big bed, fresh towels and room service when I want….Can someone please tell me why people are always looking for you to fell or even fall. Can you be happy for me or take my happiness and smile thinking that its you…Even as "friends" we look in the corner of our eyes at eachother because YOU have an issue with YOU…stop this and just be happy that somebodies happy. Spend more time creating the right path for your children to walk on rather than kicking me off mine!!! Love you T keep your wings on ANGEL.

  2. Keep being positive and sharing. I love your blog. Don't worry about the people that always love to bring hate. You're such an inspirational person and I know you've inspired many people. You've made a difference in other people's lives, bringing hope and inspiration and positivity. Keep doing what you're doing. Have a great vacation.

  3. I know what you mean. I had never someone around me who believed in me or in what I do. It´s not easy to stay in the right path because you think who cares? It´s not easy to be alone in this world and sometimes if somebody wants to be with you, you can´t understand it or you just don´t want it. It´s not easy to open your life for somebody else, if you are not used to it. God bless

  4. This post explains clearly what everyone wanted you to stay around. You continue to be the encouragment that some people dont have in their lives and need. Continue to spread upliftment.

    Wishing you the vacation of your dreams.

    Stay Blessed.

  5. OMG Tanya I love Cabo! My girlfriends and I went this past June for the first time, it was breathtaking. I came back to work about 4 shades darker with the biggest smile on my face.

    It’s amazing how the people who love you will expect more from you and push you harder than you can push yourself. My mom says to me, "When I brought you in this world… you were born to win. So even when there is a glimpse of defeat you’re still winning because you haven’t given up!"

    I hope you get that vacation soon!

  6. Beautiful pics!

    Haters are everywhere. They are not happy with themselves is all I can say. I feel like people hate on me alot and I just wish they can walk a mile in my shoes. Many wouldn't be able to stand it for a second. But people are so quick so sum you up in a few minutes not knowin what the hell you might be going thru.

    But I am glad, you like me, won't let the devil stop you. Everyone wants and NEEDS to be loved despite how they act. You have to continue to love and pray for your enemies because that's the KEY to the door… Sorry, we don't make the rules…That's just how it is. If you don't you become defeated and just as bad off as they are.

    : ) Keep it coming T

  7. That bed looks so of the best parts of vacations is a glorious bed with pillows soft as charmin! lol! I love your messages..