I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why things happen. I decided to face the fact that things don’t happen by accident.  Every event in our lives is just a piece of what God is doing for us…His perfect plan.  Miracles happen, tragedies happen, we become stronger and better…Life continues.:)

 We have to remember that life is a journey, not a destination.  It’s not why things happen (or don’t happen) that we need to focus on but how we deal with what comes our way.  Most importantly, we should always count our blessings and celebrate the blessing of life.

 I’ve been a little sad (happy) to think that Jesus died for my sins and His birthday is coming up… WOW! What a beautiful sacrifice he made for all of us.  He was the ultimate example of love, grace, sacrifice, giving and we can’t forget FORGIVENESS.  I just want to celebrate!

 In honor of the birth of Jesus Christ, me and the fam are gonna bake a cake for his special day and sing happy birthday and praise His name. God bless you all…

 Oh yeah I’m wearing: F21 sweater, Louis vittion wallet/clutch, and See shades.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Up!

  1. Nice. Encouraging. Uplifting. And I won’t forget FORGIVENESS 🙂 Way to represent the one who really matters. Good job boss lady…good job.

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