Wedding styles…
 As summer approaches there seems to be weddings, weddings, weddings! I’ve already been to one and still three more to go. Last weekend as you already know I attended a wedding and the bride looked divine. I loved her dress. It was fuss free,(simple with amazing details) but beautiful. I have never seen a bride that blushed as much as she did (they are truly in love).
 Here are some wedding styles I just loved and decided to share with you including my dress(wish I could wear this dress to the other three weddings lol). Have a great weekend.
Tip of the day: Speak it, believe it, and it shall come to pass(I’m a witness)…



#1. Vintage Nicole Miller. Classic!

#2. Beautiful dress. Perfect for a summer wedding. 

 Meet my beautiful MOMMY!


 Say goodbye to the night rider. It now belongs to a lovely couple. They deserved it.:)


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18 thoughts on “2010-On to the next one!

  1. Princess T you are the one that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. You look like a million bucks. Girl I wish I look half as good as you. I am very proud of you and know that I love value and appreciate you. God determined
    you for Greatness. Also Va looked stunning. Kisses my lovely princess…

  2. You look simply gorgeous in that dress….I love how you rocked head-to-toe nude…and you seem to have such amazing lush hair!…I can clearly see where you get your good looks from!! 😀

  3. Speak it, claim it and it shall come to pass. So be it. Goodmorning, Mamasita. It sure is good to see your mom. I would love to meet her in person. Weddings are so special! You look beautiful and wedding perfect. Va’s dress was stunning. God bless!

  4. Hey girl!

    You look amazing. This outfit is a bit Channel inspired 😛 hehe It fits you perfectly!

    Thanks for you lovely comment. I was so happy to see it.

    Take care<3



  5. Your dress is really lovely! In fact, it’s my favorite one out of the pictures you posted (yes, even the bride’s, but don’t tell her that :P).


  6. Beautiful bride and I love all the dresses. Love the pic of you and auntie. I LOVE YOU BOTH!

  7. i like you dress. ; ( you didnt stay for my wedding and you were already dressed. JK but tes you and your mother are beautiful

  8. You look so elegant, love that dress!!!! Also I like the brides dress it was very different.

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