Since a young girl I’ve always had and liked nice things. Every Saturday, my mom and I would go shopping (she loved to shop) at May Company and she would buy me the most beautiful and unique clothing. My dad would bring me home the most elaborate dresses too. My Uncle Errol that lives in New York would send me boxes of clothes from the set( he was an actor). I would dress up everyday. They don’t make kid’s clothes the way they use to.

I  always have taken care of my things, so they look brand new every time I decide to wear them. I actually didn’t shop too much this year, but when I did it was on sale(unless from H&M or an inexpensive store). I try to stay away from the mall and by this I mean I can’t go anywhere near a mall because if I see something and I want it I’ll get it, so most of the time a simple trip is bad for me. Hey, that’s the self discipline that works for me so I’m able to save for my future! Although when I see something I like on someone and don’t decide to get it, I do dream about it. Overall I’m pretty wise with my money. Our retirement is important right?

Tip of the day:Tough times never last tough people DO!

Have a great weekend!!!

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31 thoughts on “12 looks…FLASHBACK….

  1. You are were so adorable.

    My top 3 favorite looks of the 12 are:

    1) Green cargo pants, Candy Stud Red CL Pumps, t-shirt and sequin vest
    2) The blue print tube top, white linen pants & blue YSL Tribute sandals
    3) Nautical striped shirt, jean shorts, red peeps, with the Gucci bag (Perfect Weekend Outfit)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait for your next post! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness!! Such an adorable picture of you as a young girl.
    What a beautiful Lady you have grown to be.
    Congrats to you on self discipline. It keeps us out of major trouble, right? lol

    Continued Blessings

  3. LOVe the looks in the white jeans, the yellow cardigan with skirt and the very last pic. those are my ideal girlie styles! I'm inspired!

    You're great Tanya, thanks for sharing!

  4. Everything looks so super amazing, from look to look you are a rey of sunshine….you are right about the way they make childrens clothing. It seems they make them cheap so you have to buy 2 of them at the same time or keep buying every season. You look so cute with that hair do.

  5. AAW your baby pic is too cute! You looked serious…like a thinker…You know I love all the fits..I was reading the other posts..and i have to agree your legs always look great and of course the hair!

  6. Love all your outfits. You always look fab. Great tip on savings. I am saving and inversting for my retirement now (am only 33) and i think its very very important

  7. im only here to look at outfits and the winner is………………….the pic with the tube and white pant. That is well put together yet simply and rich. With dark pearls it just set it off. A day well spent is all that was missing. Live and let live………..enjoy life!

  8. My favorite look is the stiped top with the belt and denim shorts… so effortless and absoultely ADORABLE! I would love every single one of your handbags/clutches, lol.. I think the LV Vernis Alma will be my next splurge! 🙂