july 11 2014 90This is what I normally travel in. It’s humid in Hawaii, Belize ,Bahamas, Miami or anywhere tropical so I try to stay comfy and wear the least amount of clothing as possible. I always travel with a scarf and a good book to read and of course my iPad/pod. Magazines are normally bought at the airport to make sure I have the latest. Heres a couple of pictures for you to get a better idea of the essentials I feel that every girl needs for the perfect tropical vacation.july 111 2014Maxi dresses work great for an evening dinner with heels or a fitted cotton dress. I like to have options because I never know how I’ll feel so I over pack a bit, but it doesn’t take up too much space because most of the items are light weight.july 10 2014 3I always take 3-4 bathing suits with me on every trip. A one piece for sure and we can’t forget a hat! Sunscreen is a must as well along with a cute little beach bag…july 11 2014 99These are great for a walk , dinner or lunch. Again all items could be worn dressed up or down. You can even wear the outfit on the left of the way back home, just be sure to have your scarf in your carry-on bag.

july 10 2014 9Shorts are great to throw on over your one piece for breakfast and a cross body bag is necessary  so your arms are free. I also threw this sweater in my beach bag for if I walk into a restaurant to cover up a bit. On vacation you never know how the days might go. You might drive around the island all day, stop at a couple of beaches, dry off put your shorts on with this sweater and you’re set for dinner. Easy living.

I also always pack 1 pair of jeans and a t-shirt for emergency. You never know what can happen, it might be raining on your flight out and you might need to cover up.july 10 2014 2These rompers always come in handy. I wear them to lunch or a day of shopping. Dinner with heels with the yellow romper is even an option. It’s about traveling with items that have versatility.july 10 2014 5I always take my tennis shoes for a hike or a jog along side the beach. Two pairs of heels, beach shoes and a couple of pairs of  flats. july 10 2014 9Hope this was helpful to those of you that requested a “how to pack for asummer  vacation” segment. Enjoy! xoxo

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