girl talk with aunt ruth

Aunt Ruth discusses the many costumes that we all have to wear everyday in society. This is of course a metaphor she is using to describe the many different roles we all have to play in our daily lives. We have specific ways we need to to act at work when we are under the gun to perform, and specific ways we need to act as parents to be good role models to our children and others around us. Then to complicate things further, we have to decide how we want to behave when we don’t have any specific guidelines and we can just be ourselves.

Aunt Ruth says she looks to God for guidance in these matters and pays close and careful attention to each new person she meets. She never takes people at face value because she knows we all have to wear a mask, so to speak, from time to time. Eventually though that mask gets removed and you get a peek at the real person underneath.

Aunt Ruth goes on to discuss the importance of guarding your heart above all else as mentioned in the bible. She has wholly committed her life to god and gets her direction and discernment from him directly. Her dedication and faith is unusual in these trying times but has certainly seen her through. She mentions that she would not be the person that she is today if she had not gone through the struggles she has gone through.

The words the Aunt Ruth speaks are wise to say the least and anyone could certainly benefit from listening in to this heartfelt interview.

There are plenty more like this to come so please visit the channel again soon for more great content.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Yourself to the Wrong Person/ Girl Talk

  1. My favorite video! Aunt Ruth needs a blog about everyday topics and where we can find the answers in the Bible. I’ve always believed but never lived according to Gods words but I have repented. And of course it will be done thru him who strengthens me. I had a situation that bothered me so bad. I gave a friend advice that would’ve saved her so much heartbreak and she did not heed my pearls. I didn’t even want to be around her and I kept asking myself am I jealous but it was because she didn’t listen to me and she kept trying to make me a liar and cover up what I already told her would happen in her relationship. Your aunts reference to the Bible verse about wasting our pearls I thought bought wisdom to that situation for me. Anyways I enjoyed the video immensely. I can tell Aunt Ruth is favored and I’m so glad she shared her pearls. Thank you for this! I certainly benefited from watching it. Now I’m off to read Proverbs 2:1-5. God bless!