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black fashion blogger I literally had the best weekend ever. Saturday I got some work done, relaxed and watched movies with Laila.  Sunday the family and I went to see my oldest daughter.  In case some of you didn’t know this is her second year studying to be a registered nurse. She goes to the most beautiful college right on the ocean.

It’s so amazing to watch your daughter become a woman. She is so clean, neat and organized. When she was younger she thought I was crazy when I told her never have dishes in your sink, don’t walk on your bathroom rugs with your shoes, make your bed every morning, comb your hair, iron your clothing, don’t leave dishes in your room,  always say please and thank you, pray and do a morning ritual etc. At first she didn’t take it so well. We would argue like crazy because again she thought I was crazy, but I kept pushing because I knew how I wanted her to be. I wanted her to be better than me. I wanted her to know that it’s also just important to take care of yourself as it is your household, because that’s what I want her to attract in her life. Wow… things have changed. She never was messy, but I see myself in her and the change in her as I spent time with her yesterday. Could it be that all my nagging, praying and resilience on teaching her how to be a woman paid off? Just watching her made my heart smile. Amaya also has the biggest heart. She’s just like me, she’s tuff,  far from slow, but will cry in a second because she is very sensitive and I love that about her. At first she was acting too tuff but has balanced herself. What a good feeling it as when she thanked me for teaching her how to be and to know that it came from a place of love to better her life for the future. I can’t stop thanking God, he is so good.

My daughters are the only opinions that mean the most to me. I love them so much and those that know me know that I spend all of my extra time with them. If you have kids and they are being a bit rebellious, pray for them and don’t back down. You are the parent and they know it, but  they will try to think they know it all and challenge you. Just try very hard to practice what you preach, always give hugs and kisses and spend as much time as you can with your children. Show them even little things like how to clean out their drawer and put sock with socks and underwear with underwear. Buy them their own body wash and face wash so they can feel like they have something to look forward to as they have to tackle their day. We always think kids have it so easy but in all actually they have it rough. Kids in school are so much different. We have to watch our kids closely and the friends they want to keep just as close. We must not try to please them but rather than to teach them, know when to be a mother and know when to be a friend. It won’t be easy but stand firm, trust in God and I promise you… they’ll come around. ♥

Hope I didn’t talk too much. xoxoblack fashion black fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger

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