As you can tell, I am a girly girl. I love things with ruffles, lace, bows and pretty vibrant colors. This crop top is my favorite top right now! The colors are so soft but yet still eye catching. When picking out our clothes make sure they represent who you are and you are dressing to please you and not anyone else. But, also make sure to take a second to look at your outfit and say, “Is this gonna be eye-catching and make a great statement about me. Will I be proud to have this piece in my closet.”Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect fur vest. I had two, cleaned out my closet last year and gave them away! Some styles just repeat themselves. Here’s a list of a couple of items for your reference when cleaning out your closet.

These are keepers:
1. Black Blazer  (black, tan)            11.  A cashmere scarf
2.  ankle boots(heels)                    12.  Cardigan (well fitted)
3. Leopard anything                       13.  Knit over- sized sweater
4. red heels                                     14.  Little black dress  
5. fur vest                                       15.  Clogs ( find the perfect pair a)
6. trench coat                                 16.  Ballerina flats
7. jean jacket                                  17.  Motorcylce boots (flat)
8. army jacket                                 18.  striped tops (nautical tops, sweaters)
9. Statement necklace                     19.  The perfect fit Jean
10. Bright statement bag                 20.  plaid tops
These are thing that will get you through the year as basic staples in your closet and trends that repeat themselves forever. When you discover your perfect image you can bust out with your well fitted one-of-a-kind style that will be eye-catching!

Wearing: See by Chole Crop top, Rock & Republic jeans (my tailor put a zipper on the side) CAMILLA SKOVGAARD heels.

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22 thoughts on “You haven’t had much to say lately? Open mouths get fed!

  1. Happy Friday Tanya!

    I love the tips regarding closet staples. I have a Black D&G blazer that is 5 years old that I still wear. I will have to have to steal your zipper at the hem of your jeans idea. BRILLIANT!!

    The fresh faced makeup with that blush colored top is perfect. Have a great weekend.

    God Bless,

  2. Hey girl! It's so hard sometimes to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. Thanks for the tips. I have had so many items that I got rid of and WISH I could get them back! UH! They would be vintage now! Ur right, some things are just timeless…

    I luv those shoes. Those were the ones I needed to wear with my orange dress the other night! ; )

  3. Great post! Very helpful list. I shared your site with my bestie and she was just as happy to find it as I was to find it! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I love your blog! I am a mom to two girls and a wife and I get so much inspiration from your blog. Fashion inspiration, spiritual inspiration (I have started to fast and pray much more), wifey inspiration (tips to looking cute for my husband on date nights), and mommy inspiration! I am so so happy, I love your fashion! Consider me a faithful reader!!

  5. Ha gurl I'm sorry for being late on my comment but I have been so busy. But I'm enjoy this post about your top 20 things to find. I have some of those things check off!!

  6. I love this shirt it's so girly…I especially like the ruffles and the colors. The cuffed jeans is so cute to me and thos shoes are HOTTT!

  7. Love this post..very helpful! I think we have all give things away that we end up regretting..but your list of keepers is on point! The ultimate list of major must haves!!!

  8. I always thought I looked funny in cropped tops like this ..maybe I'm too tall for it but you look great in it! LOVE the color and the shoes….hot hot HOOOT!

    Please dont take your blog away 🙁