Cali needs to make up it’s mind, raining one minute sunny the next.

Wore this fit running errands taking care of my business.

Sunglasses work great as a hair piece on a bad hair day.

Don’t lose any sleep over anyone that doesn’t lose any sleep over YOU!

Love like you never been hurt:).

Have a wonderful week…

Wearing: Juicy blouse, Seven jeans.

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Leave A Comment

28 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. Short and sweet and to the point. Love it.
    I also love the dark denim with the printed top.

    Have a wonderful week as well.


  2. man that is so very true. I choose not to stress over people because while im over here stressing and mad there doing there thing and being happy. Love you sis

  3. Out of all your post which one do think had the most impact on your readers. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer back.

  4. girl you do it! how can you run errands in those high HIGH heels? I'd be quick to throw on some tennis shoes (which, as stated on my blog, i'm trying to break out of that but i can't help it!)

    Great outfits (as usual!) 🙂

  5. dont lose sleep over someone who doesnt lose sleep over you…..So true..guess thats why I sleep so well. We have to always remember some people are worth us losing sleep over and its simply because we LOVE them. Things happen and we think about those special people all the time. So, lets look forward to the sunshine and away with the rain so we can be happy and not sad. Love the jeans….can you suggest certain jeans that would compliment certain body types?

  6. i posted something but it was on another picture so im not sure if you recived it but i was saying how lucky the world is tohave someone like you. you radiate positive and good. thank GOD for you
    and your sooo beautiful. ………… M U Big Head