There are few people in this world that I know God sent them here to be angels to others. My mom has been an angel to so many people in her life. I don’t know how she did it but she never would turn anyone down when they asked her for something, especially if it was a necessity. I know part of my blessings are from her good doings (planting good seeds) to others. When I was younger my mom would hunt for bargains every moment she had free to purchase things for her family back in Belize or anyone that was less fortunate. She never wanted to give others used things. Her motto, “everyone deserves something new” because she knew what it felt like to be less fortunate when she was a child. I would go shopping with my dad and come home with beautiful items that I adored and she would say, now pick one so we can give it to a little girl that has never had a pretty dress. That always made me smile and changed my mind when I would think, how about we give them one of my old dresses:). Eventually when she wasn’t able to do things the way she use to…poof all the calls disappeared. Funny huh!

Now like I always say there’s a good and bad to everything so here it goes with this scenario. My mom was so focused on others that we barely ever spent quality time together. I would admire her still because I knew she was doing good for others, but my heart ached when I would want us to do something special. As I started to get older I began to see how people would only call her when they needed something but her heart was so giving she could never turn anyone down. I remember when one of my so called friends called her crying and saying she would be put out of her house, my mother immediately paid her mortgage but come to find out the girl went shopping with the money.  My mom has helped so many people that it has rubbed off on me. I help so much only for people to use me as well. But even when people say I’m naive or a sucker for a sad story, I always remember that it came from my heart so whan people’s conniving intentions have planned when coming to prey on the good will definitely be revealed. Also once you find out who these people are, they proceed to their next victim and don’t realize they are planting bad seeds. So if your a giver don’t focus on those type of people too much. Eventually they’ll come to a dead end and will regret using the only people that had their back. Keep helping.

I am writing this to say don’t call people only when you need something. If you do you are considered a user. Furthermore if someone is  kind enough to help me in a time of need I would cherish this person for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t be able to probably return the favor on exact terms as what they’ve done for me, but I’d show them I appreciate them and not only call when I needed something. 

Thought of the day: God bless my mom:)

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  1. Keep on being who you are- you can't lose when you give with a good heart!

    My family is also West Indian so many women in my family did the same thing including sending stuff back home and paying people's bills. Even to the detriment of themselves. But as you say some people might say you are being used but I can say that God seems to always make a way for them when they are in need- although ironically it's not from the people they helped so much. lol

    It seemed as if everytime I get going on a project here comes the "out of the blue" callers. I got annoyed and asked God "what is this all about?" But He cautioned me to give the proper measure to the requests. We don't have to harden our hearts. Give freely (without prejudice or regrets) but also with wisdom so we do not become bitter and stop giving. Or even worse deprive those closest to us of our time or resources- they may not be in a "crisis" but they need us just the same because they will be the ones there when the phone stops ringing. But thank God for his grace when we don't always get it right.

  2. A wonderful story. My mom and dad are the same way, they give and give just because the love to give and help others. People have taken advantage of them in the past, but they still ended up blessed because they gave out of the kindness of their hearts. No they don't give to any and everybody, because God will make you aware of some people wrong intentions. But more often than not they do give!! My sisters say I am a giver, like that, I don't do it as much as I think I should but when I do, I do it because I am blessed (even with the little that I have) to be able to give to someone else!! Hey plus I never know I maybe in a position where I will need the help…….

    Carsedra of:

  3. So sad that too many people treat their "angels" this way. For everyone to continue to be blessed, we must appreciate what is given to us and share what we do have. A closed hand can not recieve anything and one that bites the hand that feeds them will soon starve…Thanks for sharing this. God bless your mom 🙂

  4. Speak on it honey. Sometimes people are just natural born users. God gave you a
    kind heart because it's in your lineage. It's your heritage as a servant of the
    Lord. Unfortunately, some people aren't blessed with good, clean, kind, and
    giving hearts. These is because of generational curses that rest upon them by
    what they have been taught by those who were obviously selfish and manipulative.
    Remember that the bible says not to cast your pearls before swine. You can't
    help everyone. I am learning that too. Keep it coming girl! Your new nickname is
    sista preach!!! I am coming for that blouse on Saturday! You look amazing as

  5. Hi Sister. So very true and you know i hate to know when people are mean or use you, Still in all you have a very good and dear heart and your mother is a Angel.

    Very cute outfit Like it alot

  6. This is so true. My mom is the same way and so am I. My very own sister calls me bright and early every Sunday morning to use my car, otherwise I never hear from her. Like a dummy I give her my car every week. She doesn't feel like she uses me is the crazy part. I try not to succumb to this but it's soooo hard for me. The worst part is this is my family NOT friends, family only. It hurts to know my very own family doesn't value me enough to see that I am so much more than someone to take from.

    Anyway Looove the outfit! Especially the top.

  7. Great message, one thing that I tell people, after you give somebody something it's not your concern with what they do with that gift. God looks at the givers heart and intentions. Sometimes you are planting the seed and may not be there to see the harvest.

  8. Great advice sis. I'm sad to say that i have been guilty of calling certain people in my life only when I needed something. I use to use the excuse that it was bc i was like everyones "baby" (so it was ok bc these people were my safety net). However as I matured, i realized that God has blessed me with a lot of bridges (blessings) and i will eventually burn my bridges (blessings) if i continued to act selfishly. I then picked up a new habit and i changed it to when i thought to call a certain person when i needed something, i would instead call to see how they where doing and figure out on my own how i was going to fix my problem of "needing".
    :* Shy

  9. Wow, this message really hit home. I can truly relate. Being a minister my mom gave so much of herself to others emotionally that I often felt she fell short when it came to giving me what I needed as a child. She gave and gave and people still continued to mistreat her in the end. I find the same cycle happening with me. You give not of yourself because it's genuine and from the heart and you may be lead by God to do so….then someone always finds a way of turning your intentions into something they are not or using you. Although it gets rather exhausting to have that door slammed in your face at times I think we are all here to serve others in some form or fashion. It's how I grew up and I just can't walk away when I see someone in need. It's just comforting to know that many others feel the same way. Thank you for this post.

  10. No one does comfortable and fab like you can!

    You always speak from your heart and with so much honesty. Thank you for sharing your life testimony and journey!!

  11. i love the stoy. its funny…my mother is the same way. she will give and give and the one thing she always has told me is, "if you give someone something, don't expect anything in return…give because you WANT to; it should always come from the heart." so many times i would get upset and ask myself why she would give so many ppl so much. knowing that they could provide for themeselves if that just did "the right thing". ugh! anyway, lol, i admire my mom for that as well and i have learned alot form her. now, i am just as giving and as niave as ppl think i am, i know my heart and so does God. and to me, that is all that matters….


  12. I can relate to this so much Tanya. It's the story of my life. Always giving and helping…always being there for people and giving my last only to come out used and lonely when I need someone to be there for me. It makes you want to put walls up and keep people at a distance, yet something in the way God made you refuses to allow you ti shut people out. Thank God for discernment and learning from past mistakes. *hug*

  13. You look gorgeous in you outfit. I'm just wondering where did you bought that lovely necklace.