I’ve been a fan of  the CHI Strightner for a while now but ever since the buzz about titanium flat irons started, I’ve been dying to try them. has salon grade products and they have everything from titanium flat irons to ceramic heated blow dryers. When they sent me over their new HANA Titanium flat irons I couldn’t wait to test them out!

I’ve been using them on my hair (as well as my clients) for the past month  and when I first tried them I was instantly hooked. They glided well over my hair and they are extremely light weight. The length of the flat irons are shorter than others so it’s easier to handle which makes them the best flat irons in my opinion. I let my friend try them and she’s also a hair stylist and she loved them. They provided the ultimate shine yet still had adequate enough heat to get my thick locks straightened without the worry of damaging my hair because they have a set temperature. The titanium plates flatten the hair cuticle down to reflect light, ultimately providing the perfect result for thick hair. I can’t wait to get my hands on the HANA HAIR DRYER because I’m sure they will have great results as well. 


{before/after results} I pressed my roots and edges first.


{one time glide}


{almost done}



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19 thoughts on “Why I love it so much…

  1. Wow! I air dry and I've been wanting to try a flat iron (I am a curling iron girl). Nice that they are light weight.

  2. Sadly, I don't even own shampoo… I go to the hair salon for all my hair needs! *hangs head low* At any rate those FLAT IRONS are AMAZING!

  3. Do they come in smaller sizes? I have short natural curly hair and when I get it done I have to get it pressed out really good and my hair stylist does a great job (she has several size chi's), but when I want to do my hair myself at home, the flat irons I have don't get my hair as straight as I would like. I guess I could just buy what she uses, but if these are better I might consider these.

    Carsedra of:

  4. Thank you for sharing. I recently bought the Corioliss Titanium flat iron and I Love it. I believe Missiko carries this brand as well.

    @Carsedra, I know Corioliss has a set that has a 5/8" mini flat iron perfect for shorter hair.


  5. Tanya "thick" is an understatement…lol!! No, but seriously your hair always look so healthy and pretty. I have the natural thing going as well and by time I air dry I'm a cross between Angela (Davis) and Mufasa..and that's putting it lightly;) I currently use ceramics I got from Sally's which have served their purpose but I do find myself having to go over my ends more than I feel I should so I may have to check these out. Anywho, I'll quit rambling and thanks for the review!

  6. As a long time follower of your blog, I have always admired your beautiful hair. I live in LA, who and where do you get your hair done? It always looks awesome. Thanks for the all the info you pass along. I love you, your style and especially your words of wisdom.

  7. look at all that haiiiir! I've been looking for a good flat iron but have been waiting for a long while but I keep seeing awesome reviews of this particular straightener. this is going to the top of my list

  8. I hands down agree with the Hana iron being the BEST! As a stylist myself I only use 2 with the Hana being one, and the other is the Rusk W8less iron which is more costt effective. They make a great combo with the size difference. I cant wait to get the hair Caviar now! Thx